Changing Viewpoints On Feminism

Lead a conversation, debate and/or share your thoughts on the "voiceless" men who are friends of the feminists.
The aim of this website is to create a space in which everyone will participate in a conversation about the support that women receive in Alberta from men in order to fight exclusion in politics so that the province can be an example of a community that nurtures equality and inclusion of women in this sphere. The aim of this platform is to allow an evaluation from the people by the people about their own progress.
HUCO 520: Term Project (The Master of Arts (MA) in Humanities Computing)
The purpose of this page is to give voice to a type of people who are usually not given the change to speak on feminism, namely men who embrace the cause. Here, conversation is king. Share your thoughts on the topic and learn how different contemporary men participate in the dialgue.
I have a database that stores all the information about the messages that the participants leaves when commenting on the issue. Also, I have created a login page where they can create an account by choosing a unsername and a password.
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