Literature Review Assistant


Track readings for your literature review with this tool, and use its guided interface to capture quotations and notes that interest you. This site will then generate reports on your reading, by topic, to help you draft and write your paper.

Why do I need a tool for this?

If you've ever written a paper and found yourself frustrated by the work of turning a stack of disorganized articles and notes into a coherent literature review, this tool may help.

Sadly, many students are asked to write literature reviews without much guidance on methodology. This tool will provide a simple, guided approach to reviewing a set of journal articles based on the core principles of qualitative data analysis. There are commercial tools that support this kind of work – NVivo and ATLAS.ti come to mind – but these tools can be expensive and are probably overkill for a term paper or class assignment.

If you are new to doing literature reviews, this tool will offer you one approach. If you are an experienced literature reviewer, this tool will provide a relatively painless means of capturing and storing your thoughts.

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