Welcome to Political Leaders on Twitter

About the Website

This website is designed for research use. The main function of this website is to provide a interface to easily search and input the data about the Political Leaders on Twitter project. The other function is to provide a platform to present all related studies and to communicate with the scholars who have research similar interests.

About the Project

Political Leaders on Twitter is a research project which focuses on the tweeting behaviours of political figures. The first step of this project is to collect political figures' Twitter accounts information and all other related background information. The second step of this project is to try different methods on those data to analyze the political leaders' tweeting behaviours and to find patterns and motivations in the data. Also, there are some other related small interesting topics will also be included in this project.

How to Use

You can use this website to search which political figure run a or several Twitter accounts. If one political leader has a Twitter account, but the account is not stored in the database, you can use the input function to get the data into the database. You can check some of my studies and other related studies on digital diplomacy on this website.